Manual Software Tester Training, Mentoring and Coaching

In today’s world the Software Testing industry is growing at a very rapid pace. The need to deliver quality IT products has become the foremost goal of software testing companies. Our training is designed to give you the skills required to be a professional software tester. It will teach you testing frameworks as well as software tools used for managing testing.


The end user or customer must be the focal point of every product as such we’ll teach you how to think from their point of view and prepare your test data accordingly. This training will last for 4weeks and you can continue testing our applications for another 4-12weeks.

This would require a delegate to have an IT/Technical background, however new comes are welcome as well.

The training runs for 4 weeks where delegae will focus on practicing what’s been done in the training classes case studies. After all the training has been completed then you will see the candidates implementing their acquired skills by working remotely on a live project.


  • Testing overview
  • Fundamentals of Testing
    • Why is Testing Necessary
    • What is Testing
    • Fundamental Test process
    • The Psychology of Testing
  • Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle
    • Software Development Models
    • Test Level
    • Testing Type
    • Defect Life Cycle
  • Test Cases
    • Introduction to Test Cases
    • Writing Test Scripts (Test Procedures)
    • Raising Defects (Bugs / Issues)
  • Week one Exercise (Testing a selected website)


  • Test Management
    • Test Organization
    • Test Planning and Estimation
    • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
  • Tools Support for Testing
    • Types of Tools for Software testing
    • Focus on JIRA & Test Rails
    • Setting up JIRA & Test Rails
    • Effective Use of Tools
  • Understanding User Stories
  • Review of User Stories in JIRA
    • Identify Test Cases from User Stories
    • Writing Test Scripts from Test Cases
    • Execute Tests Scripts on selected site and log results on JIRA
  •  Week two Exercise (Deeper into selected website)

WEEK 3 - (Introduction of Live Project)

  • Grooming / Sprint Planning Session
    • Gather requirement for new features
    • Hold a Sprint planning session
    • Assigning User Stories to testers
  • Week three exercise Commence work on Assigned Tickets


  • Testing Application Under Development Using Agile Methodology
  • Raising and Reporting Defect
    • How to Identifying Bug
    • How to Raise Bugs on Jira/TestRail
    • Retesting Bugs Fix
    • Closing a Bug
  • Test Closure Activities
    • Validating New Software Functionality
    • Marking a User Story as Done in Jira
  • Test Closure Report

At the end of the training, delegates

  • Would have understood what software testing entails,
  • Would be proficient using software tools for testers used in the industry.
  • Would be capable of conducting manual testing to a professional standard.
  • Would have understood automated testing and how to go about it.
  • Manual Software Tester
  • QA tester/Engineer
  • Junior/Senior software tester
  • Junior/Senior test analyst
  • System tester
  • Title

    Manual Software Testing

  • Type

    Role Training Course

  • Location


  • Duration


    4 Weeks
 classroom based training. Min of 3 months practical experience and you continue on the project until it’s delivered.

  • Course Fees

    £699  VAT Inc.




Payment will allow you book an upcoming Batch.
Registration Fee is part-payment & non-refundable.