The Practical side of the training was very enlightening for me. It gave me an understanding of a project environment, how things work and what is expected of you in such environment. A big thank you to Henry, Tahrima, my project group and all the team at Almond careers for their support."
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Tomi B
"I recently got a job at Yaskyl medical diagnostic centre, as their Project Manager.I will be coming to the UK next which is an official trip and I intend to meet the UK Team.The training and practical work experience has not only made me employable, but also qualified me to be an Opinion Leader in a respectable Board Room, where all project management issues are discussed."
Mrs Bolanle Mary Owolabi
Project Leader
"The course does not bombard you with text book information and lets you on your way;it gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet."
Ms. Ekure
Business Analyst
"...just 5 weeks after the training, I was successful in securing a project analyst role with RBS. The knowledge you get from the training is sufficient to get your dream job."
Project Analyst
"My joy knows no bounds.I just secured the role of a Business Analyst with one of the top UK banks."
Mr. J O
Business Analyst
"You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain."
Project Administrator
"...about a month ago and I went for 2 interviews for the role of PSO, but to my surprise I was offered both roles. I am so grateful for the training given to us. I believe no matter what, don’t give up; your time will come. Thank you! "
Project Support Officer
"With a heart filled with joy and gladness say a big thank you for your support, motivation and training in helping me secure a new job. I just secured a permanent PSO (admin) role with Euro Car Parts Ltd."
Project Support Officer
"I enrolled on the B.A course on the 1st of June 2017.After finishing my course I was swiftly placed on a live project which was very helpful and increased my knowledge in the business IT industry.With interview skills gained from Henry, I am pleased to say on the 22nd Aug. I was offered a permanent position as a Business Analyst in a DATA processing company in Scotland."
A J Francis
Business Analyst
"I got 3 job offers for a Business Analyst role (2 went wrong at the negotiation stage) but I secured the 3rd one, which turned out to be the BEST! I want to say thank you to Henry, Tahriima, Edwin, Jumoke and especially Uzor, who is my No1 mentor- he kept encouraging me when I almost gave up."
Esther K
Ms. O
Business Analyst
"The training opened my eyes to industry standard methodologies for managing projects and the experience program gave me a platform to explore.Months after, I got an interview with a Swedish IT Company. Tahriima who works with Almond's support team in the UK was with me all the way, guiding me through with tips and answers focused on the job description. I was selected for the role of a Technical Project Manager."
Darlington Anaele
Project Manager
"I have now secured a juicy and respected full time job as a project manager, with an FTSE quoted company. Is never too late to belive! Thank you Almond Careers!"
Segun Nuga
Project Manager
"The practical experience and support has helped me build confidence and understanding on how to apply these theories to practical knowledge. I would also like to add that it is important to take these projects seriously and work hard for yourself because you may need to demonstrate these to your interviewers."
Esther K
Project Administrator
"I am delighted to tell you that I got a job offer last Friday (Oct. 2016), for a Supporting Life Choices Development Manager. I started the PMO training January 2016. I attended Henry’s and Tahrima’s classes in Manchester and in London, also attended the interview training with Uche via skype same last year."
Ms. K
Project Management Officer