Almond Careers After Uni Program

  • Title

    Graduate Program

  • Type

    Role Training Course

  • Location


  • Duration


    4 weeks for classroom training. Min of 12 weeks practical experience and you continue on the project until it’s delivered.

  • Course Fees

    £599  VAT Inc.

You’ve just completed your degree. You’re relieved and excited, because you’ve finished with honours and you’re expecting those job offers to come rolling in. After a couple of weeks of rejections, the frustration slowly begins to set in. You have applied to a number of companies and you just can’t seem to get past the interview stage. Does this sound like you? Are you in need of a job? Do you want to stand out to employers and get the job of your dreams? If you are responding with a “Yes” to these questions then Almond Careers is exactly what you need.


The Almond Careers AfterUni Program is the springboard that you require to land yourself that dream job. How, you might ask? Simple. Through this platform, you are provided with skilled, industry experts who will provide the knowledge and training needed to stand out in the employment market. Additionally, after the training, every candidate is assigned to a real project as part of a project team, in order to gain first-hand experience on a project from start to finish. This has the invaluable benefit of providing you with solid work experience that employers are looking for and gives you relevant work experience to add to your CV.


Almond Careers can provide Practical Hands-on training through which you can gain work experience for future applications.

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